BUGSHACK Forum Purpose, Subject Matter and Guidelines:

The BUGSHACK Forum is primarily focused on technical matters related to the upkeep of our Volkswagens. We have a wealth of expertise in our club that you will be able to tap into. We also welcome the global community that visits our FORUM to join us in sharing any personal anecdotes and travel stories, which is why we are motivated to be Volkswagen owners in the first place – the pleasure of the outdoors, cruising, shows, picnics, parades, and meeting new VW enthusiasts around the country and so on.

This BUGSHACK Forum is open to anyone.  Please follow the basic Forum guidelines: PLAY NICE – We’re a global community of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable and who may not think what you think, believe what you believe or see what you see. So, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.

There will be an RSS feed made available, if you would like to receive email notifications when entries are made to this forum, please send an email to the Forum Administrator.

Thanks and Enjoy our FORUM/BULLETIN BOARD!

————————————– The BUGSHACK FORUM Will be COMING SOON! —————————————


VW Cruisers Gallery Images

IMG_2919 2014_05_04_VWCruisers_Top25_Chuck-sml 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - 005 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - Trophy03-Table-Top25-03 2015_05_16_John-Barbara-Roach_1967_Beetle_Covertible 2015_05_14_VW-Fiight-15_0035