Debbie Gallery

List Vehicle/s (Year/Model):

1972 Yellow Standard Beetle (Buttercup) and 2005 Blue Metallic Passat

Describe Special Features/ Options/ Modifications:

My 2005 Blue Metallic Passat has a grey leather interior, and runs on low profile tires.

How did you get interested in Volkswagens?:

I first started driving Volkswagens in the 80’s. My dad had bought a 1967 beetle and my mom and I just loved it. We drove it everywhere. Then we acquired a 1972 beetle and then upgraded to a Super Beetle in 1974. I have been with the club without a car for several years. It didn’t matter, they made you feel welcome. Now I have a 1972 Yellow Standard Beetle (Buttercup) and recently acquired a 2005 Blue Metallic Passat.

Other Interests:

I enjoy doing things with the club, making trophies, going on cruises, picnics and parties. 

Connect With Me:

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