Jeffrey C Gallery

List Vehicle/s (Year/Model):

1977 Blue VW Transport Bus and 1977 VW Campmobile

Describe Special Features/ Options/ Modifications:

Blue and white with custom hardwood floor. Restored and well cared for. 4 year journey to restore.

How did you get interested in Volkswagens?:

Info coming…

Other Interests:

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VW Cruisers Gallery Images

2015_05_24_Bug-Out77 - PatinaOvalBugRagtop.jpg 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - Best01 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - Best04 2015_08_22_Simple_Transport8_0101 2015_05_14_VW-Fiight-15_0150 2015_05_14_VW-Fiight-15_0191