Leslie’s Ride

List Vehicle/s (Year/Model):

1961 Ragtop Beetle

Describe Special Features/ Options/ Modifications:

My ’61  Ragtop is a single family-owned beetle.  It was bought and imported into the USA by my Dad in 1962.  It has the original Gulf Blue color and has a custom Sewfine interior.  It is stock with the exception of front disc brakes, ’62 hood springs, and a Pertronix electronic ignition.  Restoration completed in Spring 2014.

How did you get interested in Volkswagens?:

My Dad drove me home from the hospital in a 1958 ragtop beetle, and as a child I rode around in the back seat.  When I got older, I attended a VW Bug-Out at the Old Dominion Speedway, Virginia, and have been hooked ever since.

Other Interests:

I enjoy participating in all types of car shows, shopping at antique flea markets, gardening, dog walking, and taking pictures of cars and wildlife with my Canon G11.

Connect With Me:



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