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List Vehicle/s (Year/Model):

’06 Jetta 2.5 and 84 Rabbit 1.6 Diesel L 4dr

Describe Special Features/ Options/ Modifications:


How did you get interested in Volkswagens?:

My parents got in to Volkswagens because they were cheap and easy to fix. They ended up with a 72 Bug, 73 Thing, 74 Super Beetle and 75 Bus. I fell in love with all of them and bought the Thing from them as my first car. I just recently found the 72 Bug that was the first VW they bought and I’m trying to get it back. Since buying that first Thing I have owned four 73 Things, a 74 Thing, 84 Rabbit 1.6 Diesel L 4dr, 99 Jetta, 99 Passat, 06 Jetta 2.5 and a 07 Rabbit 2.5. I sold the 84 Rabbit in 2012 and bought it back Dec 2014. I am also waiting on the arrival of the 73 Thing that I got when selling my lifted 73 Thing. I sold it to a guy in Spain and when it arrives he plans to ship his to me as soon as he can. I also sold for Flow VW in 2010. If it is VW I want it.

Other Interests:

Soccer, EMT

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