Victor Gallery

List Vehicle/s (Year/Model):

1972 Blue Super Beetle

Describe Special Features/ Options/ Modifications:

Lowered front end. Custom TMI seats. Zoom Tube. Bluetooth radio in the glove box. WOO-HOO!

How did you get interested in Volkswagens?:

Learned to drive in them when I was 12 year old in the mid-70’s!

Other Interests:

My kids, my wife, biking on the trails, NFL football, music, art, languages (Spanish & Italian), travel, and workin’ on the Bug. Mostly workin’ on the Bug.

Connect With Me:



VW Cruisers Gallery Images

2014_05_04_Joe_Wright-FullResolution IMG_2971 2015_05_24_Bug-Out77 - Notchback-Champagne.jpg 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - VW41 2015_05_16 - Flight#14 - John-Barbara-Roach-at-Rest 2015_04_11_Waterfront-001-sml.jpg